symbiosis of music and nature​

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Suna Ansuna means "heard, unheard" in Hindi.

This project is about voicing the unheard stories of music and nature.

Eric Ian Farmer at Bear Meadows Natural Area


Promoting Conservation through Musical Performance

We are surrounded by nature of profound beauty and complexity, but without active conservation these natural spaces will be–and are being–quickly destroyed. Suna Ansuna gives musicians an opportunity to share their most organic and natural voice by filming acoustic outdoor sessions. We then work with ecological experts, conservation activists, and artists to tell the unspoken stories of conservation in the natural spaces we visit.

When you watch our videos, we hope you will be inspired to go enjoy nature and local music. We also want to make you think about the importance of protecting our natural environments. Watch, share, and enjoy! 

Whipple Dam State Park

The video above features Nattie Lou Race performing at Whipple Dam State Park.

During our visit to Whipple Dam, we learned about the history and ecological importance of the area from Park Manager Mike Dinsmore. This video steps inside the conservation story of Whipple Dam. 

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Alan Seeger Natural Area

Immerse yourself in the beautiful hemlock grove at Alan Seeger Natural Area with Nicole and Sebastian of Idle Kyle

Lenina Crowne

at Alan Seeger Natural Area

A story with State College Magazine featured Suna Ansuna sessions
 check it out in the February 2019 issue!

Cold Weather Company
at Barrons to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor

The Barrons to Bald Eagle wildlife corridor is a strip of land protected by ClearWater Conservancy to connect two conserved regions in central Pennsylvania. We scored a private concert in the woods with Cold Weather Company

Sun Not Yellow

at Tudek Park

Who are we? 

Suna Ansuna is currently a 3-person team of local State College community enthusiasts:

Sam Lapp is a designer, and community builder who nerds out about music, nature, and math. Sam works on the story telling, audio recording and video editing.

Rashmit Arora is a graduate student in environmental and food economics, an audio engineer at Penn State's recording studios, and a member of NYC-based band Sea Offs and Philly-based band Palmlines. Rashmit works on all of the audio recording and mixing.

ODare is the Videographer for the channel, based from State College,PA. He is also currently a sophomore double majoring in Acting and Engineering. Instagram: _thedare

Special thanks to Steve Rubano for some great photos, and 
880 Citis Emerging City Champions Grant for supporting our project!



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